Do you experience painful or stiff knees or hips?

Do you have knee or hip osteoarthritis?

We are now accepting patients for the Fall 2024 GLA:D Back Program!

Please call or email us if you are interested and/or looking for more information

GLA:D Canada is a 7 week education and exercise program for those with stiff or painful knees and/or hips, or those with knee or hip osteoarthritis.

Based on the success of the program in Denmark, GLA:D® patients have reported less pain, reduced use of pain killers, fewer individuals on sick leave, and being more physically active.

The program reflects the latest OA research and has been developed based on feedback from people with OA, as well as healthcare professional who provide care to individuals with mild to severe symptoms. GLA:D® therefore provides an evidence-based approach that works in the real world.

To determine if you will benefit from the GLA:D® program you will undergo an assessment by a health care practitioner, which will include a physical assessment as well as some functional tests.

Once you have been told the program is right for you, the GLA:D® program consists of:

  • 2 education sessions which teach participants about OA, including the degeneration process in the joint, how the GLA:D™ Canada exercises improve joint stability, and how to retain this improved joint stability through day to day self-management techniques.
  • 12 neuromuscular exercise sessions to improve muscle control and stability of the joint, which leads to a reduction in symptoms and an improved quality of life. Participants are educated on how to include the neuromuscular exercises in daily physical activity and advised to continue to be physically active to ensure that the improvements in muscle stabilization are maintained in the long term.

GLA:D Canada at Gateway Chiropractic

Over 7 weeks we will guide you through biweekly education and exercise sessions aimed at helping you manage your hip/knee pain and improve your day to day!

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